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Production. The PTA invites the Missoula Children's Theater to assist in a one week musical production preformed by children from the first through eighth grade.

Auburn Village School students have previously attended Memorial High School, as well as a myriad of other private secondary educational facilities. Auburn and its surrounding area offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to secondary education,
with Pinkerton Academy being the latest addition to that list of choices. The School Board in the town of Auburn has recently come to the agreement with Pinkerton Academy and starting in 2012 students from Auburn Village School will now be able to attend the Pinkerton Academy. Pinkerton Academy is an independent facility which offers the highest form of secondary education in the area.
Students express interest in a diverse list of clubs including arts, business, government, language, literature, sports, and much more. Pinkerton superior education along with its diverse elective offerings make it the ideal school in the quest for college.

Colleges are also abundant in the nearby communities and students can attend day or evening classes at many institutions, based on their own needs and aspirations.

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The Auburn Village School is conveniently located in the center of the village near the Griffin Free Public Library. The school hosts students from readiness  through eighth grade, with a total enrollment of 630 students. 

Students at AVS enjoy more than just school, they participate in Destination Imagination, the FIRST Lego League competions, the National Honors Society, sports and other events. With a very active PTA, students enjoy the benefits of many special programs. In the past years the PTA has earned the prestigious "NH PTA Unit of the Year Award" and was cited for its substantial impact on the schools student body. One exciting event sponsored by the PTA is the Annual Children's Theater Group 
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